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CTS is a global provider of chauffeured ground transportation services dedicated to providing superior service to our clients which exceeds expectations. A team of industry professionals dedicated to developing travel solutions for our clients which results in exceptional and consistent service delivery, progressive technology, and the best the industry has to offer in fleet vehicles.


Company Culture

A leader in the industry because we are devoted to every aspect of our business and expect a higher standard from our team for a single reason – to provide our clients with the ultimate in luxury, security and reliability. Getting you where you want to go – when you want to go – is but one reason to be a CTS Client.


What truly sets us apart is the total experience – we put an entire company, not just a vehicle and chauffeur at your beck and call. Our dedicated Client Services Team is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Working from our global operations center, they use our flight tracking software, GPS tracking and computerized reservation system to meet all your ground transportation needs. The entire team at CTS understands that the positive relationship we have with our clients is due to the dedication we have to service.


We have the following sign posted above our doors – "TO BE EARLY IS TO BE ON TIME… TO BE ON TIME IS TO BE LATE… TO BE LATE IS UNACCEPTABLE!" We understand that our success is contingent on your success.


Chauffeur Training

Our professional chauffeur staff is among the most highly trained in the industry. The process of becoming a chauffeur at CTS begins with a two stage interview process in which the candidate must provide a thorough resume, a clean driving record through the DMV, pass a pre-employment toxicology screening, and successfully pass a criminal background check. Once considered for employment the candidate must be proficient in mapping, complete The Ultimate Chauffeur Training Program, and be qualified on the procedures of CTS service delivery.


The chauffeur candidate then further undergoes training with our Lead Chauffeur on the operations of the CTS fleet vehicles in which they are authorized to drive. Trainees drive frequent routes, visit common locations, and audition with our staff members as if they were actually working with clients. Once approved for duty the training does not stop as each of our staff members is evaluated annually. CTS also conducts a Mystery Rider Program to ensure strict compliance with our exceptional service delivery.



Staff members undergo pre-employment toxicology screening and criminal background checks. All staff members are enrolled in our random toxicology test program. All staff members are also enrolled in the Department of Motor Vehicles Pull Notice Program as a condition of employment. This allows CTS to be aware of any change to a chauffeur driving record immediately.



Licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission CTS remains in strict compliance with all regulations pertaining to industry standards. CTS is insured as required by law and does not charge to add any of our clients as an additional insured should they request it. CTS is also one of the few operators with a Federal Motor Carrier number which is required for any operator engaged in interstate activity.


Please follow the link below to check the real-time permit status of any carrier you might consider doing business with.

TCP #16022-A

CA #298091

USDOT #1502226



Out of more than 8,400 companies in the nation CTS has twice been recognized as a National Operator of the Year Finalist by the Limousine & Chauffeured Transportation Magazine and won the prestigious award outright in 2009.


For 6 years running CTS has been recognized with the Safety Excellence Award by the insurance industry for our operations and proactive safety measures.


Staff members of CTS sit on association boards and are frequently invited as guest speakers for industry events and trade shows. Members of our staff remain actively involved in the ground transportation industry by authoring articles for industry publications, sitting on association boards, guest speaking at events, and working on both state and national legislation which assists both the industry and provides greater consumer protection.

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  • Safety Excellence Awards

    We have consistently earned from the Insurance Industry our Safety Excellence Award. A significant achievement for our company operational practices and superior reputation for safety.

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